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Term Paper on Architecture: Ideas

  • Notre Dame: Construction, Context, Meaning

If you decided to do your homework choosing this term paper topic divide your paper into three one-page sections: the construction of Notre-Dame, the political and religious climate during the period of construction, and an analysis demonstrating an awareness that the cathedral was designed and constructed with a specific political-religious point and purpose.

  • Post Modernism: Peter Eisenman vs Michael Graves

This paper considers postmodernism as reflected in the writings and works of two architects, Peter Eisenman and Michael Graves, and how they describe architecture and link it to language and society.

  • Slide Recognition

This essay consists of five different responses to a slide presentation, where different images of a particular sculpture, structure, or building are identified in relation to architectural styles, influences, and locations. Learn The Basics of each response identifies the architectural style and influences (e.g., Baroque, Gothic) as well as identifies the cultural and historical location of the particular example, including the years during which a particular architectural style can be attributed.

  • Society and Shelter

This paper is two papers, each on issues of the built environment and how it reflects social divisions of labor, beginning with the fact that the building of any enclosure is a clear reflection of the desire to protect the inhabitants from the elements, but it also reflects certain social norms, including those involved in gender difference and the division of labor

  • St.Madeleine or St. Mary Magdalene

St.Madeleine or St. Mary Magdalene is the most colossal and dignified church in the village of France, called Vezelay, which is a work of Romanesque architecture. It is one of the most profound Romanesque churches built in the 12th century with the then traditional style of sculpture and architecture.

  • The Alpha CPU

This paper describes the CPU architecture for the Alpha CPU.

  • The Ara Pacis of Augustus

According to thу experts from best dissertation help service this paper is a thematic account of design issues, the way elements were incorporated, and the relationship between traditional and innovative aspects of architecture in the Ara Pacis of Augustus. 

  • The Canterbury Cathedral of England

This undergraduate paper is for an Art History class. It is a critique on the stained glass windows of the Canterbury Cathedral of England providing an in-depth analysis of the Beckett windows, the Royal windows and the windows of the North Choir Aisles.

  • The Design of Concert Halls to Promote Listening Quality.

The term architectural acoustics refers to the creation of rooms or concert halls that provide musical sound of high quality. Acoustics are a challenge to all designers of concert halls. The architect aims for the best possible clarity of sound for a knowledgeable listener will hear immediately if the sound of a note is distorted by the interior of the place in which it is played.

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